RXL-4750 Swing Rack

Colors: White / Black / Gray
Rack Units: 12U / 18U / 24U
Overall Depth: 12" / 18" / 24"

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General Details

Swing Rack

The Swing Gate is a cost effective EIA solution for mounting network, communications and security equipment in telecommunications rooms where floor space is limited. 19” EIA Threaded Equipment Rails. Opens 180 Degree Right and Left. Supports 100 lbs of equipment. Wall Mount Hardware NOT Included.

Part Numbers
Part Number Description
4750-BK1218 Swing Rack, Black, 12U, 18″ Overall Depth
4750-BK1224 Swing Rack, Black, 12U, 24″ Overall Depth
4750-BK1818 Swing Rack, Black, 18U, 18″ Overall Depth
4750-BK1824 Swing Rack, Black, 18U, 24″ Overall Depth
4750-BK2418 Swing Rack, Black, 24U, 18″ Overall Depth
4750-BK2424 Swing Rack, Black, 24U, 24″ Overall Depth

See Data Sheet for details.

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