RXL-2014 Rack Adapter

Colors: White / Black / Gray
Rack Unit: 1U / 2U / 3U / 4U

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General Details

Rack Adapter

Rack Adapters allow 19”W equipment to be mounted on a 23”W rack. Adapters are jogged so the mounted equipment is flush with other installed equipment. Optional slot for cable pass through available.

Part Numbers
Part Number Description
RXL-2014-BK01 Rack Adapter, 23″ to 19″, 1U
RXL-2014-BK02 Rack Adapter, 23″ to 19″, 2U
RXL-2014-BK03 Rack Adapter, 23″ to 19″, 3U
RXL-2014-BK04 Rack Adapter, 23″ to 19″, 4U

See Data Sheet for details.

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