Horizontal Ring Panel

Use our Horizontal Ring Panel to manage horizontal cable runs together with RXL’s open architecture.

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General Details

Horizontal Ring Panel

This ring panel is a great option to organize horizontal cable runs because of the large cable rings. The rings are made of aluminum with rounded edges to protect cable sheaths. Rings are 6″ deep and 2.8″ high. Rings are bolted on from the back so that they can easily be removed or rearranged for your specific environment.

Technical Data

Horizontal Cable

Use our Horizontal Cable Manager together with RXL’s open architecture (Two-Post or Adjustable Four-Post Rack) products to organize and store cables. The Horizontal Cable Manager includes plastic cable guides to organize cable pathways as they enter and exit the manager to make individual equipment connections.



Part # Description
3346-X02 Horizontal Ring Panel, 19”W, Single-Sided, 2U
3346-X03 Horizontal Ring Panel, 19”W, Single-Sided, 3U


Replace “X” with 01 for White, 02 for Black or 04 for Gray

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